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Station Beach is here for all of your barbecue and smoker needs! Let us help you become a seasoned pitmaster with our outstanding line of naturally flavoured pellets, great tasting BBQ sauces, rich marinades and awesome rubs.

... because it's all about the taste!

Niagara Habanero Pure Pepper Sauce $11

Niagara Habanero Pure Pepper Sauce
Jerk Marinade | Jalapeño | Habanero | Ghost | Scotch Bonnet | Moruga Red | Trinidad Yellow | Scorpion
SuckleBusters ~ all items $15
BBQ Sauces, Rubs, Seasonings and Glaze!
Honey BBQ Rub takes all the great flavours to the next level by adding Honey!
SPG BBQ Rub is an All-Purpose Seasoning blend of salt, pepper and garlic.
Clucker Dust BBQ Rub is made for grill'n chicken. Medium heat provided by the chipotle peppers.
Sweet Hog Waller BBQ Pork and Rib Rub with a slight kick of heat from chipotle & cayenne peppers.
1836 Beef Rub is a salt, pepper, and garlic blend with loads of half and quarter-cracked black pepper.
Mild and savory BBQ Rub onion, garlic, sweet peppers and ground celery seed for beef brisket. Check out our latest recipe.
Honey BBQ Glaze and Finishing Sauce. Apply to any meat the last 10 minutes of cooking.
SuckleBusters Original and Award Winning BBQ Sauce. Light smoke flavour plus a tiny kick of heat.

Croix Valley Sauces & Marinades - all flavours $15

Croix Valley Sauces are continuously finding acclaim and winning awards and we invite you to find out what's turning the backyard barbecue enthusiast into the seasoned pitmaster at the helm of grills and smokers from coast to coast.
Station Beach Barbecue - Croix Valley Sauces & Marinades

BBQ Sauces

Memphis Style BBQ Sauce

Carolina Style BBQ Sauce

St Louis Style BBQ Sauce

Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce

Sweet N Smokey BBQ Sauce

Honey Dijon BBQ n Brat Sauce

PitMaster’s Bold BBQ Sauce

Wing Sauces

Garlic Buffalo BBQ & Wing Sauce

Garlic Ginger Teriyaki BBQ & Wing Sauce

Tequila Lime BBQ & Wing Sauce

Pineapple Habanero BBQ & Wing Sauce


Garlic n Herb Sauce & Marinade

Steak Sauce & Marinade

Hot n Spicy Sauce & Marinade

Private Stock BBQ Sauce

Croix Valley Sauce

Croix Valley:
Rhubarbecue Sauce with a stunning combination of garden-fresh rhubarb and the sweet and smoky flavours of honey BBQ sauce. Perfect on pork, chicken, lamb, and venison.

Croix Valley Sauce

Croix Valley:
Cran-B-Cue Sauce combines fresh cranberries with the sweet and smoky flavours of our award-winning BBQ sauce. Cran-B-Cue sauce pairs with just about anything. Check out our latest recipe.

Croix Valley Sauce

Croix Valley:
Blue-B-Cue™ Sauce is infused with amazing fresh blueberries. Use on breakfast sausage, as an appetizer poured over cream cheese for cracker dip or blueberry ribs.

Croix Valley Dry Rubs $15

Station Beach Barbecue - Croix Valley Dry Rubs
Carolina | Memphis | Cattle Drive | St Louis | Sweet Heat | Kansas City

Yummy Sauces and Garlic Splashes

Sutter Buttes BBQ Sauces

Sutter Buttes Sauces $13:
Korean BBQ |  Southwest Raspberry Chipotle | Indian Masala Simmer Sauce | Indian Butter Chicken

Garlic Box Splashes

The Garlic Box Splashes $8 to $9:
Chili Lime Chicken | Roasted Garlic Oil with Scapes | Garlic Vegetable/Salad | Horseradish Garlic Marinade | Garlic Steak

Rubs, Salts, Seasonings & Hot Sauces

Garlic Box Seasonings

Slightly Inappropriate Hot Sauces and Rubs:
Bird Rub, Meat Rub, Fish Rub and Caesar Rimmer. And four different Hot Sauces each with a unique splash of both medium and hot!
Hot sauce $10.25 each (4 pack $45) | Rubs $15.25 each (4 pack $60)
New Product!

Haupy's Beaver Rub & Moose Rub

Slap Ya Mama $9:
Cajun PEPPER Sauce - make your taste buds explode with Louisiana flavours.

Sutter Buttes Sea Salts

Slap Ya Mama $9:
Cajun HOT Sauce - packed with a lot more heat for those spicy connoisseurs!

The Spice of Life Hot Sauces

The Spice of Life Hot Sauces $8.50:
Made from Scotch | Hot Pepper | Not So Hot | Holy Smoked Pepper

Haupy's Beaver Rub & Moose Rub

Haupy’s Seasonings $14.95:
Beaver Rub | Spicy Beaver Rub | Moose Rub | Maplesque Moose Rub

Garlic Box Seasonings, Splashes & Vinaigrette

The Garlic Box Seasonings, Splashes & Vinaigrette $8 to $10:
Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt | Garlic & Rosemary Poultry Rub |  Caramelized Onion Garlic Potato | Garlicky Fry Salt | Smoked Garlic | Turkey Chili | Garlic Scape Sea Salt | Garlicky Italian

Vegetable/Salad | Chili Lime Chicken | Horseradish Garlic Marinade, Roasted Garlic Oil with Scapes

BBQ Grilling

flame genie and compact smokers

Portable, stylish, and compact, the 100 Series grill is capable of grilling, searing, and smoking. Adaptable for a limited space like camping, small decks or patios!

See product feature video here

Icon Series 100 Kamado Grill

22"W x 20"D x 25"H

Icon Series 100 Kamado Grill

22"W x 20"D x 25"H

Icon Series 100 Kamado Grill

22"W x 20"D x 25"H

We carry 20lb bags for just $23
Lumber Jack BBQ Pellets are made with 100% all-natural wood fiber with no additives, no artificial flavours, no oil scents, and are compatible with all wood-fired grills and barbecue smokers.
Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets

Competition Blend
(Maple, Hickory, Cherry)

Lumber Jack Grilling Pellets
Mesquite Blend
Flame Genie Wood Pellet Fire Pit

Tired of outdoor wood fires? Get the...


A unique wood pellet fire pit experience without smoke, sparks, and clean-up. Ideal for patio use with a delightful flame pattern.

No more smoky clothes or unhappy neighbours from unwanted smoke.

16" $180 / 19" $260

A Station Beach Cool Product!
See details and product feature video here

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