Extra Virgin Olive Oil

And Uniquely Flavoured Olive Oils

All of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil at Station Beach is produced by small farms in California and sourced directly from the growers. It is milled to meet the exacting, stringent specifications of the California Olive Oil Council.

The flavour of extra virgin olive oil can be buttery and soft, or spicy and sharp. It can be reminiscent of pepper, lemon or grass. There truly is an extra virgin olive oil to suit every palate!

California Olive Oil Council

Unlike wine or balsamics (which get better with age) extra virgin olive oil is at it's best when it's first pressed. We take great care and pride to bring the freshest and most pleasing products to our customers.

Ensuring Freshness and Care - olive oil should be stored in a cool, dry and dark cupboard. In your kitchen keep it sealed tight in it's original bottle and away from the stove & oven. Use within 6 months of opening.

Mild Arbequina
Mild flavour makes Arbequina a wonderful introduction into premium olive oils. Can be used as an everyday oil in all of your cooking, marinades and dressings.
Flavoured Olive Oils
Robust Tuscan
For those who are looking for a bit more of a bang, this one is for you! A stronger more peppery finish - wonderful for dipping, dressing and finishing your meals.

Infused Olive Oils

Uniquely Flavoured Olive Oils Suitable for any Palate
Infused Olive Oils
Each of our infused olive oils are custom created in small batches by milling the flavour directly with the olive oil. This is a more expensive process, but provides customers with the purest most flavourful product.
Garlic Flavoured Olive Oils

Herb & Garlic

Tuscan Herb
Fresh Garlic
Garlic Herb
Fresh Basil
Spicy Flavoured Olive Oils

Spice Infused

Fresh Habanero
Citrus Habanero
Thai Chili
Spicy Flavoured Olive Oils

Citrus Infused

Blood Orange
Meyer Lemon
California Lime
Herb Flavoured Olive Oils

Specialty Infused

White Truffle

$21 for 250ml / $33 for 500ml

White Truffle $25 / $45
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