Tuscan Blend EVOO

Tuscan Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Our Tuscan Blend Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by combining Frantoio and Leccino Olives to create a wonderful mix of fruity, grassy, peppery rich flavour with all of the health benefits of EVOO.  For those who are looking for a bit more of a bang, this one is for you! A stronger more peppery finish – wonderful for dipping, dressing and finishing your meals.

A kitchen staple that is suitable for all uses: sautés, vinaigrettes, marinades, as a finishing oil, or simply for dipping with fresh bread.

Consume raw for the health benefits of a high polyphenol count.

Suggested Pairing
  • Traditional Dark Balsamic as a delightful bread dipper
  • Any flavoured Balsamic with Tuscan Blend is a perfectly balanced base oil