Lumber Jack Pellets & Smokin Wedgie

The Smokin’ Wedgie – Professional Smoke Results in Any Grill

The Smokin’ Wedgie is a stainless steel, lightweight smoker box that will last smoke after smoke. It can be used in any grill to add smoke to your favourite food.

Holds up to 1 lb of BBQ pellets and provides up to 4 hours of continuous smoke. Light both holes for a shorter, stronger smoke – or light one side for a longer smoke.

Unique wedge-shaped design tucks nicely into the corner and takes up less room in your grill than most smoker baskets, resulting in more room for your favourite foods.

The Smokin’ Wedgie works well for cold smoking cheese, nuts, fish and more. Easily add smoke to a natural gas or charcoal grill, or use it with a pellet grill to add more smoke for hot smoking!

  • Adds smoke to any grill – charcoal, gas, or electric
  • Adds more smoke to a pellet grill, smoke at higher temperatures
  • Great for cold smoking cheese, nuts, fish and more
  • Light easily with a propane torch
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel, durable and will not rust
  • Reusable and made to last a lifetime
  • Small, light and portable – great for camping
  • Wedge-shaped design takes up less room than most pellet trays

Load & Go… the Wedgie is  ready to use right away!

Unlike wood chips, the Lumber Jack pellets are not supposed to be soaked (water will ruin the pellets) so we recommend keeping them as dry as possible. That’s part of the benefit of using the pellets – they are ready to use instantly with no soaking required versus when smoking with wood chips.

In terms of loading the wedgie – a full tray holds up to 1lb and will provide up to 4 hours of smoke.

Recipes can be found on the Lumber Jack website.