Mashed Potatoes

Taste of the Beach Recipe

Station Beach would like to share some recipe ideas for you to shake up your favourite dishes and try out our fantastic premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar and unique products from our store.

Mashed Potatoes with Rosemary or White Truffle Olive Oil

A classic staple any time of the year that can be spruced up by changing out the butter with a flavour infused extra virgin olive oil.

There are a few really great flavour options available, but two of our favourites are rosemary or if you want to really add some ‘wow’ the white truffle will add a whole new dimension to your dinner.

Add the olive oil just as you would butter as you are mashing the potatoes. Add slowly and taste as you go to ensure you are enhancing the flavour without overpowering the tastebuds.

Added bonus: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is healthy alternative too

Station Beach products in this recipe…

~ Rosemary Olive Oil
~ White Truffle Olive Oil

Don’t like either of those? Create your own using any one of our 20 flavours.


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